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--Throne Room Courses & Activations

--Healing Courses with Instant Results

--Meditations for Daily Quiet Times

--Sleep Recordings for Dreams

--Scripture Sheets of Teachings

--All Past recordings

--All Future recordings

We are PARTNERING TOGETHER, as a team, empowering each other, as we Train, Disciple & Activate the Sons to walk as kings & lovers to bring God's will from Heaven to everyone on Earth, till the whole world knows.

Together we are Sharing God's Love, Power & Blessings to the ends of the Earth !

A Miracle Awakening is happening around the world!

We train believers to do Extreme Miracles and Heal the Sick on the streets as a normal way of life. After a simple 1 hour teaching, we take them out and have them heal the sick by doing Miracle Evangelism to build the church. People say, “I didn’t know it was so easy!” “It's like everyone is waiting for us to bring them God's love and miracles.”

We have an urgency to Awaken and Activate the body of Christ into who they are and what they can do as an unlimited child of God. All believers can live in God’s fullness and presence, do extreme miracles everywhere, and rule & reign as kings. All creation is waiting for us to imitate our
Daddy and display his Love, Power and Glory, making evangelism simple.



Throne Room Adventures in Heavenly Places

Praying from the Throne Room as a king

Bringing God's will from Heaven to Earth

Seeing in the Spirit & Visions

Intercession that works & traveling in the spirit

Manifesting God's Presence & Glory daily

Healing Teaching. 10 steps to heal the sick in 10 seconds

Healing Evangelism creates instant Revival

So easy like it doesn't even take faith

Daily Quiet Time tools to Quickly enter in

Breathing techniques: Immediately I was in the spirit

5 or 30 minute meditations

Scriptures to meditate on, see & watch come alive

Sleep recordings for all night communion

Dream activation

Additional Resources

Scripture sheets to meditate the word on. See it & Live it

• WHO I AM Scriptures

• Healing Scriptures

• Throne Room Scriptures

• Seeing & Visions Scriptures

Make An Impact In Someone’s Life

Kings Arise Discipleship

25 Countries

As Missionaries, we go into All the World & Preach, make Disciples & Teach people to rise up as sons, to display God's kingdom to the world and have a deep personal intimate relationship through Throne Room experiences.

Experience God & fall in Love!

Training & Trainers

4,037 Trained

We've trained 4037 to heal the sick already. All over the world many have become trainers continuing to train Healing Evangelism to others. We plan to set up 3 more full time trainers in 3 countries to multiply effect..

They instantly got

6,095 Healed

Those trained go out and demonstrate God's Love & Power to the world, that Jesus is alive, He loves you and wants a relationship with you.

and have gotten

12,705 Saved

Instant Revival in churches by Healing Evangelism as believers get on fire realizing God can use them to do extreme miracles. Those healed come to church knowing His love & power & reality from the start.

We gladly give you out reseourcs & courses in appreciation for your partnership to empower us to go more to reach more.till the whole world is fulled with the knowledge of His Glory!

We gladly Give You All our resources & courses in appreciation for your partnership

that empowers us to Go more, Do more & Reach more !

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